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Ecosystem Health Checks

No two farms are the same, and our Ecosystem Health Checks (based off the Smart Farming Program) gives you easy to use tools to measure and monitor environmental indicators on your farm and for your farm system.

The data collected helps you make informed land use management decisions – building a more sustainable and resilient business.


What we do:

  • Laboratory analysis (third party provider)

  • Macroinvertebrates

  • Stream health and habitat

  • Annual testing to build trends over time


  • Soil health & infiltration

  • Biodiversity

  • Number of testing sites based on your needs

Defining good soil & water by the life it supports

When water quality is great then it is capable of supporting abundant aquatic life and a thriving ecosystem of creatures including insects, plants and birds.

Fertile and stable soil functions as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans.

Our understanding of the connection of water quality measures such as nitrogen and phosphorus concentration and the ecology of a catchment is still emerging and increasingly the onus is on farmers to demonstrate that effects of farming activities on water quality are being managed. Trends from data collected help us understand our catchment ecology better and can strengthen our ability to manage risks of farming activity on water quality and ecosystem health.

We have an opportunity to capture this data and obtain some insights over time in conjunction with the modelling already in place on most properties.

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