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Sustainable Farm Services

AgriMagic specialises in supporting farmers across all sectors with servicing a mix of key multi-farm businesses and smaller scale single or double farm entities.


Core services we provide:

  • Design of on-farm compliance programmes

  • Development of Farm Environment Plans (FEP)

  • Preparation of OverseerFM nutrient budgets

  • Optimisation of farm systems within environmental constraints

  • Due diligence on farm sale or purchase

  • Ecosystem Health Checks

  • Support client FEP Audit preparation

  • Support of Resource Consent Applications


What we do:

  • Identify impact nutrient constraints may have on specific farms or farm business
  • Work with owners, managers or directors to identify key opportunities and risks to their business based on constraints identified
  • Help plan and design future farm systems that will meet farmer objectives and achieve nutrient outcomes
  • Link back to operational decisions and tactical focus on each farm unit
  • Support compliance over time

Skills and knowledge we use to work through each stage are:

  • Overseer nutrient modelling (Certified Nutrient Management Advisor)
  • Knowledge of Overseer Input Standards
  • Practical understanding of LWRP and implications for each farm
  • Knowledge of surface water irrigation scheme land use consents and their corresponding nutrient allocation policies
  • Practical knowledge of a range of farm operations and technical understanding of soil, plant, animal & people systems
  • Networked with associated professionals
  • Members of NZ Institute of Primary Industry Managment

When is this type of work required?

  • Farmer considering major land use change
  • Due diligence associated with sale or purchase
  • Alterations to consents such as ef fluent or irrigation take
  • New irrigation area
  • Compliance (nutrient budgets) associated with consent conditions or scheme water use agreements
  • Succession planning
  • Strategic planning for a farm business

Ready to future proof your farm?

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