We live and breathe agriculture

Viewing the world from a farmer’s and farm business perspective we have a genuine desire to help enhance the sustainability of New Zealand’s primary sector.

Taking compliance requirements and building them into an effective environmental strategy that aligns with your farm and business purpose so you can create your future.

Measuring and monitoring environmental indicators within your farm system allows you to make informed land use management decisions – building a more sustainable and resilient business.

With practical on farm experience combined with deep technical knowledge our people provide the magic to support our client’s farming future.

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Our Values are Our Guiding Principles

Agri Magic has four key values that describe what is fundamentally important to us:

  • Intellectual Honesty and curiosity
  • Passion for People
  • Genuine love for Agriculture
  • Dedicated and Dependable

We choose to work with farm businesses with whom our values resonate and that share our genuine passion for the sustainability of New Zealand's primary sector.

Our Team Understand Farming

They have agriculture in their blood

We love agriculture and are genuinely committed to working with our clients to understand where they want to take their farming business and support them to get there.

We use our farm systems skills and knowledge of the planning framework to help set you up so you have the opportunity to achieve your farming goals.

Our Team