Environmental Strategy and Consenting

Get ahead of compliance by building an effective environmental strategy that aligns with your farm and business purpose and prepare for a future that is different from the past.

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On Farm
Environmental Strategy

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Due Diligence

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Farming Resource

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Irrigation Scheme Land
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Farm System Design
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Emissions Reduction

He waka kōtuia, kahore e tukutukua ngā mimira.
A waka bound correctly will not come apart in rough seas.

On Farm Environmental Strategy

Connecting environmental planning to farm business objectives.

At Agri Magic we work alongside our clients, bringing our understanding of sustainable farm systems and deep technical knowledge of agricultural systems, as well as practical farming experience, to our client’s farm business so they are empowered to make decisions which are right for them. Looking to long term sustainability, productivity and fulfillment.

We support our clients to proactively innovate and adapt to maintain sustainable, profitable and resilient farm businesses by working with them to understand their position as part of their wider cultural connection, environmental catchment, product value chain, and the regulatory system.

Due Diligence – Sale, Purchase, Lease

Providing clarity in the property’s specific context.

Checking the environmental constraints connected to a property prior to purchase so you have confidence that; your intended production system is legal, or you understand what it might take to make that happen.

You are aware of the rules that apply and what evidence you will need to provide for ongoing compliance to National and Regional rules and any Irrigation Scheme policies if required.

Farming Resource Consents

Our team assist you to understand your farm and what Regional Land Use, Regional Discharge or National Policy consents you require.

We then work with you to gain new consents, change conditions of an existing consent, or for the renewal of an existing consent.

We prepare resource consent applications and assessment of effects, including technical support or coordinating this work for larger applications, through to small consents. We will link in with your trusted advisors for input if needed.

Irrigation Scheme Land Use Changes

Covering Authorised Land Use, Farm Activity Variation (FAVA), Farm System Change, or Nitrogen License (N License).

We work closely with nearly all the schemes in Canterbury from Amuri to Opuha and can assist you with working through your specific schemes policies regarding land use change. If your plans trigger the need to request a land use change, we can assist with the application required to submit to the schemes board, especially if requires farm system modelling and a full assessment of the environmental impact of the change.

Farm System Design and Modelling

We use a variety of nutrient modelling and farm systems software.

Regulation is requiring farming to change over the next ten years and we can help you identify production systems that will fit both your business direction, your teams capability and the new world. Agri Magic exists to support our clients in negotiating these changing times.

Working with you, our Certified Nutrient Management Advisors create and implement efficient and compliant OverseerFM nutrient budgets and FARMAX models to help optimise your farm system within environmental and compliance constraints.

Emissions Reduction Planning

Add another string to your bow.

Biogenic emissions plans are required by central government we can help find options and opportunities aligned with your business goals. What works on one side of the fence may not be an appropriate option for the farmers next door, a customised approach to achieve not just one but many outcomes, and we can build this into your current reporting.

Why Choose Agri Magic?

We help farmers adopt and implement continuous improvement – embracing compliance obligations and using these as the foundation of more effective, efficient and future proofed businesses.