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Our assets are our people – they provide the magic

We love agriculture and are genuinely committed to working with our clients to understand where they want to take their farming business and support them to get there within the environmental regulations (and beyond!).

We succeed because we enjoy what we do; we have fun, we support and empower each other to give things a nudge, ask questions and find a way. If you love farming and agriculture, are committed to our primary sector and wanting it to succeed far into the future, and our values resonate with you, our team could be the place for you.

“I love going to work each day because I’m continually learning, working out solutions to meet the needs of our clients, and doing it with a team that is just as passionate about farming as I am.” 
- Angela

“You are supported and encouraged every day to grow, professionally and personally, and there is no judgement, the whole team has your back.”
- Chris

“The team is driven, they work hard to get great outcomes for our clients - but they also have a great time doing it. I think our clients see that too; we live our values and that resonates with them.”
- Anna

At Agri Magic you will be:

  • Challenged to problem solve and develop solutions and options for questions that might not have an obvious answer.
  • Using your skills and knowledge to figure something out to empower our clients to make better decisions.
  • Learning every day, and sharing and using that learning with the team.
  • Supported with professional and personal development – helping you to reach your full capability.
  • Encouraged to give things a try, to take responsibility for managing your workflow, client outcomes, and to keep asking questions, and leaning in to the challenges.
  • Putting great client outcomes first – going the extra mile and doing all you can to help them succeed.
  • Surrounded by a team who are genuinely passionate about farming and agriculture and committed to the success of New Zealand’s primary sector.
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Intellectual Honesty and Curiosity

  • Integrity in all that we do
  • Own up to our mistakes
  • Aim to do what is right
  • Enjoy asking questions and learning new things, continuously improving
  • Tell the truth
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Passion for

  • Enjoyable workplace staffed with intelligent, genuine people who work for our clients first but take care of each other
  • Cultivate, nurture and inspire our people - helping them reach their full capability
  • Maintain connection with our people as they move through their careers
  • Play the ball not the man!
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Genuine Love for Agriculture

  • Help farmers achieve their goals and be considered a partner in their business, not a cost of compliance
  • Enjoy our work and associations
  • Foster professional, responsible farming
  • Assist the agricultural industry to progress and contribute to the success of New Zealand in a pragmatic and trusted way
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Dedicated and Dependable

  • Committed to getting the best outcome for our clients and our teams
  • Prepared to work hard and smart to deliver results
  • Do what we say, when we say
  • Energy, drive and sense of urgency
  • Easy, effective and enjoyable outcomes for clients

Think you would be a great
fit for our team?

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